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  • SonoScape A8 scanner, article of SK 0032
SonoScape A8 scanner, article of SK 0032
  • SonoScape A8 scanner, article of SK 0032

SonoScape A8 scanner, article of SK 0032

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528430.14 UAH(21000 USD)
Country of manufacture:China

The number of sensors in a set: -3

Each additional sensor of 2400 c.u.

Such device as A6 will surprise everyone. Yes, despite the small sizes, this portable scanner it is full of functions. Its stuffing consists of the black-and-white electronics connected to the newest technologies of updating of pictures. The device is equipped with sensors which adjust the accuracy of images. You can not doubt that this device will be a reliable and convenient partner in work of many researches.

The A8 unit for ultrasonography having three sensors, a dale worth 21 thousand.

A series of the devices SonoScape, in particular A8, is constructed on economy class. Portable A8 has system of black-and-white type which possesses accurate quality of creation of the picture and further carrying out diagnostics. Functions of optimization help to reduce granularity, and also pomekht during procedures of inspection. The built-in programs count a set of researches on the basis of the algorithms - it is also radiology, urology, cardiology, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, inspection of joints.

In a set with the scanner the portable cart is delivered. Data are output to the liquid crystal screen (15 inches) with necessary allowing ability. At the same time, the image differs in a wide range of shades of gray. The device has the panel on which three ports which are carrying out simultaneous connection of devices are built in (in particular, sensors). And thanks to it, you receive the qualitative image with all details that is very convenient for work. Management simple and clear as programming of these or those functions is carried out on need or desire of the doctor.

The SonoScape A8 scanner is compatible to modern external CD/DVD, USB, files carriers of the PDF type and direct connection to the computer on the basis of DICOM 3.0.

Specify appearance, a complete set, cost of goods before purchase!
Brand: SonoScape
Country of manufacture: China
Information is up-to-date: 11.12.2017

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Unbelievable price on SonoScape A8 scanner, article of SK 0032 in Kiev (Ukraine) company Medtehnika Zdorovaya zhizn, OOO.